BBQ Flavors You Won't Get Anywhere Else

Savor the unique flavors at our saloon-style restaurant in Lawrence Township, NJ

When it comes to BBQ, you can't skimp on the flavor. That's why The Hambone Opera uses premium meats and fresh ingredients to create unique dishes for their BBQ menu. Experience the unforgettable flavors for yourself by visiting our saloon-style restaurant in Lawrence Township, NJ.

You won't just love our food - you'll appreciate our lively atmosphere and friendly staff. As soon as you've made yourself at home, head up to our counter to order your food. We'll bring it out to you as soon as it's ready. Bring a cooler of beer and relax at our saloon-style restaurant today.

You'll give our BBQ dishes a chef's kiss

You may be wondering why our BBQ menu stands out from other restaurants around town. Our customers can't stop raving about our BBQ dishes because:

We smoke our meat for up to 24 hours to ensure it's cooked to perfection
We use different wood species to create unique flavor combinations
We use sweet and tangy Kansas City BBQ sauce that also brings the heat

Taste The Hambone Opera difference - stop by our BBQ restaurant today.